EPIC FLAIL: A Paper & Pen RPG Newb Event


An event made by our very own, Gelo! It was my first time to actually participate in this kind of event! It was very fun! Very fun, indeed! :D 

Day started out w/ a lot of preparation! Went to ATC w/ Gelo and bought some materials, ate a huge sushi that I never knew existed, printed out some stuff for the game, and then went to Peaberry Cafe for map-making and the like! 

A few minutes later, people started arriving and we played like 4-6 rounds of different kinds of boardgames! 8D I loved Citadels! I want to play again! YAY! :D 

I was blessed to eat the most epic and delicious cheeseburger ever! I AM CRAVING RIGHT NOW FOR MORE PEABERRY CHEESEBURGER! D: Absolutely delicious! Even the drinks that they offer are all epic! 

I played in Gelo’s game(there were actually 4 or more games)! He was the game master and, I must say, that he was really into his role and I had no trouble following or understanding how the game worked even though I’m a noob. xD There were a total of 5 players playing this single game!

Basically, you get your own character(e.g. elf paladin, human druid, etc)! You are provided your stats printed out on a piece of paper then there’s a map. Gelo’s game was apparently based on one of his dreams. And man, was his dream messed up or what. 

We started out inside a dungeon, locked inside a cell, and we suddenly hear people screaming or shrieking. We had to make our way outside and then meet a couple of people, fight a few weird and scary looking monsters, etc. 

I was, unfortunately, unable to finish the game because my family was already there to pick me up. It was 11:30, I think, when I was forced to leave the event. :( I really didn’t want to go. It was the first time in a very long time that I had fun. :( 

But, fear not! There’s another game soon! I’m patiently waiting for it! YAY! :D 

You guys should try it also! It’s really nice! :D :D Especially if you’re like many and you go on an adventure and stuff like that! :D You just need to use your imaginationnnnnn! LAAAAA!!! 8D